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Grow and preserve your wealth long into the future.

The only constant in life is change, which is why individual life planning should not be a one-off exercise. Your personal circumstances, requirements, expectations, and aspirations will develop over time. Comprehensive analysis is essential to ensure that your wealth remains secure for you, your family, and future generations. Monish aims to support you through life’s adventures and provide the right solution for every step of the way.

I deploy a holistic approach to managing your wealth and support you to analyze your overall wealth situation. Followed by creating a comprehensive financial overview for you and your family or business, encompassing relevant investments such as:

Life Insurance

Give your family the support they need in case of expected and unexpected events. Life insurance is important, as it protects your family and lets you leave them a non-taxable amount at the time of death. Your individual life insurance follows you when you retire and you are no longer insured by your employer.

Mutual Funds

A smart investment option that gives a higher rate of return over other investment options. It is a popular choice as it doesn’t involve a large sum of money to get started with one can choose the extent of risk they are willing to take.

Critical Illness

A critical illness insurance policy provides coverage for specific life-threatening diseases along with a lump-sum amount for a higher sum insured option. The insurer just needs to focus on his/her recovery. This critical illness insurance cover help in financially fighting with the situations when the insured is struggling between life and death.

Child’s Education

Give your kids a bright future by mapping out your finances better. Plan your child’s further education and set up a fund to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on the qualifications they need or require.

Retirement Fund

Actively planning for your retirement can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Be financially independent and maintain the lifestyle you worked hard for with a retirement fund in place.

Jumbo Insurance

A favorable option for high net worth individuals as it offers the flexibility and choice to meet with their financial needs and objectives. Considered as one the best plan offering high rate of return and security.


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