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Retirement Fund

Enjoy your retirement or Retire from your Enjoyment.

Retirement is ideally believed to be the period of life when one is no longer working for money. He needs to fund his day-today expenses from his savings. Planning for the sunset years requires added importance because people over-estimate what they have and under-estimate how much they need post retirement. Retirement planning ideally helps one maintain his/her pre-retirement lifestyle.

Retirement planning is of utmost importance, and you should start doing it right away, to minimize unwanted financial contingencies in the future. Retirement planning should be done with a keen eye on inflation, since it is the single most important factor that affects everybody’s savings. A retirement fund ensures guaranteed investment for the future years.

To get the best of returns for his clients, Monish puts their money across diversified investments, bearing in the mind the tax implications and the compounding.  A solid investment plan and unflinching commitment towards that plan will guarantee a comfortable lifestyle that you can lead during your old age. And remember – the sooner you start planning and executing, the better.


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